Evolving From SELLER to CLOSER




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Course Overview

Many entrepreneurs, business leaders, salespeople and people in sales & marketing-related professions have met and are still meeting difficulties when attempting to find the right audiences, make them buy their business ideas, concepts, products or services, and as well as retaining them.
Most knowledge, trainings, and experiences you have learned and accumulated are mainly on perfecting how you sell, but the success rate of “closing” are still relatively low. This 2-days’ workshop aimed to train you the “Closer’s” approach, mentality, theory, technique, and skill that helps you increase your success rates of people buying your ideas, concepts, products and services.
What Is it About and What Is Your Takeaway:
* Understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages between Seller and Closer.
* Learn what are required to be a Closer and how to become one.
* Recognise differences between Sales Funnel, Pipeline, Process and Techniques, and how to utilise them as a Closer.
* Step-by-step work through the Sales Process and cycle with distinctions in executions between Seller and Closer.
* Identify traditional and modern methods in sourcing leads, prospects, and referrals.
* Stop approaching prospects as a Seller and start letting prospects approach you as a Closer.
* Attain the knowledge to close without selling your products and/or services.
* Develop skills in managing difficult situations with difficult prospects.
* Stop Selling and start Closing!
What You’d Go Through:
* 2 days of interactive and engaging shock therapy in sales;
* 16 hours of transformation via brain-storming, assignments, role plays, case-studies, and frequent laughs from peers, and me;
* 960 minutes of the best investment in yourself, and;
* A lifetime of appreciation.
Who should attend:
1. Entrepreneur, business owners and managers, sales and/or marketing professionals, and simply if you are interested in sales, or me.
2. Sales newbies, deprived or under-performed sales personnel, and anyone that thinks there is nothing else to learn about selling

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