SKILLMASTER Training Centre was first established in January 2003 to provide training courses on F&B safety as well as hygiene standards and practices to its clients. Led by its managing director Ms Susan Lim, the centre is run by a team of four highly committed, competent employees as well as a group of experienced professional associate adult educators.


From a tender age, Ms Lim had always been involved in the education industry, working as a preschool teacher and private tutor to both primary and secondary school students. Her decision to teach in the F&B industry was driven by her passion for teaching.


To cater to trainees who speak different languages, SKILLMASTER Training Centre’s courses are conducted in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. These trainees are usually working or about to start work or business in the- F&B industry, coming from food factories, various restaurants and even hawker centres. Their attendance at these courses is in compliance with the mandatory requirement set by the government to ensure anyone working within the F&B industry possesses the appropriate certification. These courses are also accredited under the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)  and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).


Throughout her years in the industry, Ms Lim has mainly acquired her clients through word of mouth as well as in forging partnerships with other business owners. By occupying a dual role in the company as both a director and trainer, she enjoys the privilege of meeting people from different walks of life. Although her business is operating in an extremely competitive market, she notes that her quality services have steered her business to stand steadfast against competition and thrive in the industry. Being a small player in the field, the company has been able to punch above its weight by providing excellent customer service and addressing all customer queries.


In addition, SKILLMASTER Training Centre’s trainers are patient in teaching, taking great length and effort to explain any doubts that may arise during training. They take feedback positively and restructure their training courses to cater to trainees who find the courses difficult to understand. The centre also provides refreshments during breaks and ensures learning materials are packaged for the trainees’ convenience. Ms Lim points out that it is stressful being the sole director of a company as she has had to make tough decisions that require thorough consideration. She shares a good relationship with her staff and customers, considering it extremely important to have a strong employer-employee relationship. Emphasising that she is driven by the satisfaction which comes from giving her best in teaching her trainees and meeting her customers’ needs as opposed to financial profit, she is always happy to see trainees leaving SKILLMASTER Training Centre with practical skills that they will be able to apply in their workplace and daily life.


Ms Lim hopes that SKILLMASTER Training Centre will become Singapore’s leading training centre and that it will contribute enormously to the continuous improvement of adult education. “To be successful, you have to think positively and be ready to face challenges,” she says. “You also have to work hard, learn and grow from failure.”