SKILLMASTER Training Centre Pte Ltd


Food Safety Course Level 2

What you’ll learn

This course will cover the following lessons and four topics:


  1. Sources of food contamination
  2. Microorganisms associated with foodborne illness

Food safety and hygiene lapses and corrective actions

3 Preventing food contamination – 5 Key Food Hygiene Principles –

Principle 1 – Practise good personal hygiene

Principle 2 – Use safe ingredients

Principle 3 – Handle food safely

Principle 4 – Store food safely

Principle 5 – Maintain cleanliness of equipment and premises

Methods of conducting inspection checks on food safety and hygiene standards at work areas

4 Conduct food safety and hygiene checks

At the end of the course, participants will be required to undergo a 1.5 hour assessment (written and practical).

On completion of this course, participants will have a deeper understanding of food safety and hygiene as well as knowledge and skills to follow food safety and hygiene policies and procedures and also inculcate the rationale of some of the practices into food handlers for better understanding and assisted policing in the licensed food premises.

Duration: 8.5 Hours (Inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
Timing: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM