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Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services generally refer to the delivery of cooked food from retail establishments to the consumer upon placement of order. As operators of food delivery services do not carry out any handling, cooking or other forms of processing of food, they currently do not require a licence to operate. However, they are responsible for ensuring that the food they deliver is transported in a manner that is hygienic and does not compromise food safety. This includes maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle, as well as the carrier bag, receptacle and equipment used for the transportation of food.

Operators are still subject to food safety and hygiene requirements under the Sale of Food Act (SOFA) and Environmental Public Health Act (EPHA). For instance, Regulations 16(3) and 16(4) of the Environment Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations on “Transport of Food” stipulates provisions covering receptacles, such as carrier bags, used in the course of transportation of food. These receptacles must be able to prevent food from being contaminated. The provision of food unsafe, unsuitable or unfit for consumption would constitute an offence under these legislation.

Section 15 SOFA: Selling unsafe or unsuitable food

(1) A person must not sell food that the person knows or ought reasonably to know is unsafe.

(2) A person must not sell food that the person knows or ought reasonably to know is unsuitable.

(3) For the purposes of subsection (2), it is immaterial whether the food concerned is safe

Section 40 EPHA: Articles of food unfit for human consumption

(1) No person shall, without lawful excuse, have in his possession for sale by retail any article of food intended for human, consumption which is unsound or unfit for human consumption.

Food delivery workers are not directly involved in the preparation of food, such as the washing and cutting of raw food, and the processing of ready-to-eat food. Therefore, they are currently not required to attend the Basic Food Hygiene Course.

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