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Monkey Business!!! Cheeky monkey grabs bread from NTU bakery & makes a run for it

Siti Hawa | May 09, 2021, 04:58 P

The incident was captured on camera and shared by Reddit user @driedmelon.

By this time, the bakery staff notices the ongoing burglary and emerges from the back of the store, but remains rooted to the ground behind the counter.


Photo via driedmelon/Reddit


The monkey can then be seen grabbing a transparent bag containing bread. It then swiftly makes a run for it with the pack of bread in its mouth.


Photo via driedmelon/Reddit


In response to the video, Reddit users joked that the monkey was the sole breadwinner of his family:


Photo via driedmelon/Reddit


Others questioned whether the monkey had remembered to use Safe Entry or TraceTogether.

Photo via driedmelon/Reddit


What to do if you encounter wild monkeys

Singaporeans are no strangers to wildlife sightings in our largely urbanised environment.

Members of the public should, however, avoid feeding monkeys and other wild animals, as this could habituate them to the human presence, leading to them venturing out of nature areas to forage and increasing the likelihood human-wildlife conflicts occurring.

According to NParks, visitors to nature areas should also take note not to feed monkeys, as it might reduce their natural inclination to forage in the forests.

If you encounter a monkey, remember these points:

    • Remain calm and quiet.
    • Do not make sudden movements.
    • Do not maintain eye contact with the monkeys.
    • Conceal all food and plastic bags
    • Do not try to hit the monkey.
    • Look away and back off slowly.
    • Keep away from the area until the monkey leaves.

Top photos via driedmelon/Reddit

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